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Many rivers, especially the river flows through the city, often dirty. A garbage floating on the water, even the fish in the water to eat have a strange smell.


Asian American than Asian American cable today is plain ratio feedback trinley fumigation sand, who can think this actually gave birth to gally Canruo Galaxy Mesopotamia?


An oasis, a pure land, can not see, countless car sound, countless noisy, heard.


The shadowy mountains like a sleepy unawakened fairy, wearing a Chanyi gauze, with nothing very much enamored.


A garbage floating on the water, even the fish in the water to eat have a strange smell. All of these are caused by the pollution of the river.


The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when I hold your hand in the streets of Shanghai, but I can't see you.


Old river microwave clear, animals and plants are best friends, today is muddy creek, stinking.


The ecological environment has also suffered serious damage, a large number of forests have been cut down, floods and landslides and other disasters often occur, soil erosion, climate anomalies and so on.


River water pollution is very serious, the smell of strange smell, along the river there are many small fish died. Along the river, the original Wudang slaughter factory has two sewage outfall, sewage straight into the river.


There is a clean, clear river in my hometown, it is called the Yudai River, but in recent years the jade river water more and more black, and there is also garbage, stink.


The pollution of wastewater by the river, black river shore to smell, smell, no trace of natural fish, the river in my hometown has become a smelly river, into the earth scrfofula mark.


Sand everywhere, smelly water flows everywhere, our earth more and more like a dirty boy nobody.


Along the way, I only see the polluted, black river, found no water in the river, have seldom seen trees by the river.


The desert is approaching, close to the historical city of Dunhuang, it is no longer impossible.


The water wasn't clean, floating above some dead fish and some rubbish.


Originally clear the bottom of the river, but also to see groups of fish swim to swim, and now only a muddy.


The river Zhuolang rolling on the surface of the garbage rancid, drift riotous with colour.


The smoke will be healthy in black smoke engulfed the lungs, smoke curl in environmental pollution, a disease called a smoke.


In the early Qing Dynasty Qin Jin area is high forest coverage rate of green land, can today show in front of the world only the ravines of barren loess, scarred in a disastrous state.


All over the city are the layers of smoke shrouded, people not only feel the hot weather, and make eyes open.


The greedy man, don't know to cherish their home living homes, transition development endless, the dense forest, become bare, and have no place to live in.


The dog does not see the dog, the dog rope in the hand; see the rope does not see the hand, the dog before I go.


The poisonous gas, harsh noise, thick dust, which makes people unbearable, and seriously damage the health of people living in it.


Asia's largest desert reservoir has been dry, Minqin in jeopardy.


Now, because people littering, the river becomes stink. Garbage, grass full of floating water, no one to play in the swimming.


On the way, a lot of garbage, air, dust flying.


The river water is very smelly, the smell is straight to my nostrils, the river flows quietly, like in secretly crying.


The TV screen on the river floating on the fish body on the river is almost always dirty and smelly garbage, the shore of the grass is almost withered.


Today, my mother and I saw a small river in the eight neighborhood, river river is very dirty, like many edges like, is black.


The desert increasingly approaching, to close at hand in the historic city of Dunhuang is no longer out of reach for the vast; Asia's largest desert reservoir has been dry, Minqin in jeopardy.


Now, it's very rare to see the clear river. Many rivers, especially the river flows through the city, often dirty.


Steel forest belched out smoke, clouds, make originally blue sky chaos.


Today is the world environment day, everyone to contribute a force, let us join hands in love to embrace the environment, to care for the environment, create a better home, you and I can do!


The clear river, the small fish also left, always see the small fish in the river to play with bubbles. But now there is only a pile of rubbish.