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This woman's dress is studded with jewels and jade, just like a ruby.


Today, I was wearing a brightly coloured skirt, glittering satin bow wrist, waist belt is like a pink red stream, gurgling flowing to both sides, until the "encounter", composed of a powder peach belt, it is matched!


A yellow smiling girl standing in the doorway, cream colored eyes, like water, turned in his face.


She is like a statue, is always a facial expression: neither pleasure nor sorrow, unhurried, not impatient jiao.


The car driving on the highway to go by like the wind. The driver is over fifty, tall, bronzed face, wearing a blue overalls, wearing a beige peaked cap, a sparse white hair from the brim flowing out. There is such a driver to drive, so that people have a sense of security.


Pink rose tight sleeveless robe robe, under the cover of green smoke flower skirt waist with gold yarn, soft smoke Luo tie into a big bow, hair drooping Xiecha jade Zan Feng Chai, the slender Red Hook demon demon soul.


Her fair Juesu, there is a light gas, delicate skin, relaxed demeanor, lovely eyes, rosy cheeks, smiling with speech not spit, gas if the orchids, endless gentle and pleasant.


He is wearing a yellow dress with red epaulets, red face a pair of watery eyes, a smile, mouth revealing two small dimples, dignified and strong, who see who love.


Tall stature. Good clothes are blue silk, embroidered with white trim and elegant bamboo pattern on his head white jade hairpin. Clever draw a gorgeous childe's extraordinary figure.


Her waist to fold a veil in step, Hao wan. With eyes on the head when spring Shiba, Japanese Xiecha jade dragon aborting bun chai. Beauty show my brilliant than the flower, like cutting onion root mouth with Zhu Dan, moving every twinkle and smile.


A light blue palace, Qunfu fold as snow in the moonlight flowing Chinese laxative, long black hair, swaying in the wind, LED light blue hair ribbon, the body exudes a lavender fragrance.


Apply a Fendai, wearing a simple blue house dress, house dress embroidered with lotus flowers, wearing a simple but luxurious temperament. Skin white as peeling fresh turbot, slim eyebrows, a book to make it clear. A face of beauty and custom.


Dressed in a light purple green lotus waist Ru skirt, light purple skirt, embroidered with a white rose, a flower, only one skirt, embroidered with a dancing butterfly, as if to fly to the rose.


Light blue wrapped in plain clothes, covered with white yarn, with graceful neck and visible clavicle, Qunfu fold as snow in the moonlight flowing Hua laxative, Wan Yi three feet, the more graceful gentle gait.


A black dress flashing small diamond draped a little cowboy shawl, with a pair of black smoke fold high boots.


She was wearing a long black satin luxury clothing, like a small piece of gold fish like flashing red and white.


White uniform coat, a few pieces of gold as a decoration, purple hair sprinkled on the waist, and purple velvet group, a pair of white students boots, with a light purple butterfly knot.


Light hand pick silver strings, hands struck in the guqin, sounds like sounds, rhythm, like music, after a long time, the end of the play that song, slowly stood up.


Lily-white skin, rosy, gentle jade, crystal clear. Than the white white jade and white no time; the most gentle and soft than nephrite crystal; than the most charming rose even more delicate than the bright; clear crystal and beautiful juicy.


The cold handsome face but could not conceal his face in the fight and then laughed a born beauty beauty cool expression not cover the beauty - white skin, black hair, facial features and special.


Dressed in a white veil, texture, elegant and beautiful silken mottled, and flowers, flowers on the skirt was a silver embroidery, waist belt of the waist.


The pink Palace Dress, skirt embroidered zhanchiyufei light blue butterfly, covered with a layer of white veil. The breeze, was there a Suifengerqu feeling. The silky hair black random drift in the waist, slender waist, weak, more lovingly pathetic.


The dress clung to the body lines, a cloud of glorious folds on the waist to save, and then releasing the skirt wide. Star Diamond embellished, fold up.


He was wearing a snow thawing wet coat body, long and big, has been dragged to the knees, like a blanket wrapped in his bony shoulders.


She wore apricot yellow short coat, grey wool trousers and a pair of small semi high-heeled black shoes. He wore a white scarf, framed black eyes and black hair, is reminiscent of the breast feathers.


He was wearing a short short enough, long enough, I Louer like cotton padded jacket, lapel elbow has exposed cotton.


The palace pale purple dress, long and lean. Slender belt tied waist, slowly walking behind here. Spread light, skirt lightly, at a turn, as in the butterfly.


Dressed in pink satin wrapped chest, white smoke falling hikiji 100 water lotus hazy light pull skirt, weak as clear fog hazy silk yarn, waist pendant a pale blue ribbon, hung a lavender fragrance purse, from time to time.


Dressed in a blue gauze dress, looks elegant and refined, the outside is a dark blue skirt, embroidered with pearls long thin yarn, graceful and elegant, the waist is a deep blue embroidered belt, waist line a bunch of little silver bells.


You from the outside into the living room with a bunch of laughter, easy to wear a red sweater, so beautiful, so passionate, so tranquil and simple, an indescribable feeling of love, suddenly in my heart.


I have a beautiful skirt. It's skirt with a purple yarn in a sling is on each side of a bow on the chest, there is a big purple flower skirt, is covered with gold pieces of purple flowers, good-looking.


Dressed in pale pink yarn clothing, embroidered white lace cuffs, neck fold two layers of milky white yarn collar, complicated and delicate, because it is too thin and clear.


Sleep with water face as creamy, white peony, soft smoke white smoke cage winding yarn, mop the floor plum 100 water body skirt, soft smoke, really a little greasy powder crisp tender taste melts.


The teacher in addition to wear a grey shirt in hot spring, Yao often wears a faded blue cloth Chinese style jacket, Yao is cold dress up right elbow patch green cloth Chinese jacket.


Suddenly, the door was opened in Mongolia package, wearing a green robe, waist as wide as adults to wearing a red silk belt, seven or eight year old boy, riding a long wicker, wearing a carbine, bow and arrow, ran in a rampage.