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love you for my life past. 我爱你,爱了整整一个曾经。
Sometimes,you just have to pretend that you are happy just to stop everyone from asking you that the hell happened.有时候,你不得不假装很快乐,只是为了不让别人问"你怎么了?" 
Nothing can't be figured out.The past just can't be reached again.没有什么过不去,只有回不去。
Sometimes there is no way out exlept to say goodbye.有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。
It's lucying to gain and fated to miss.得之,我幸;不得,我命。
Love remained short,but the memory lasts long.爱那么短,遗忘那么长。
I don't mind if you heat me.It doesn't matter at all.I'm not living to please you.我并不在乎你讨厌我,我不是为了取悦你而活.
You are so lucky,because you can choose to love me or not ,but myself only have to choose from loving you or loveing you more.你是幸运的,因为你可以选择爱我或是不爱我,而我只能选择爱你或是更爱你。
I desire to grow old with you without paying.多想一个不小心,就跟你白头到老。
Don't surrender to this dark woeld.别向这个混蛋的世界投降。
What you are doing now reflets how you will live in the future.现在怎么做代表着你以后怎么活。
Plan the worst scnario with the best hope.抱最好的希望,做最坏的准备。
Someday i'll make a wish that when i wake up ,i'll be a place where all of my troblems have disappeared。有一天我会许愿,希望当我醒来 时身处一个没有烦恼的地方。
Bing single means that you are strong enough and patient to wait for the one who deseres you.单身意味着你足够坚强,有足够的耐心去等待值得拥有你的那个人。
If you don't travel around,you'd think this is the world.如果你不走出去,你就会认为这就是世界。
One shows up in your dream,it is because he/she is thinking of you.你们梦到了一个人,是因为那个人在想你。
Life is like angry birds.There are always several pigs laughing when you lose.人生就像愤怒的小鸟,当你失败时总有几只猪在笑。
It's funny how the people that hurt you the most are the ones who said they never would.有意思的是,伤害你最深的人,往往是那些声称永远不会伤害你的人。
Love is a chord in life,not a solo.爱是生命的和弦,而不是独奏。
Don't forget the things you once you owned.keep those lost things in memory.Don't give up the things that belong to you and treasure the things you can't get.曾经拥有的,不要忘记;已经失去的,留作回忆;属于自己的,不要放弃;不能得到的,更要珍惜。
Don't cross the bridge till you come to it.既来之,则安之。
I would like now to seriously indifferent room of wonderful.我只想现在过得精彩,无所谓好坏。
Warmness is luxury ——which is reflected by deep cold and hurt.温暖是奢侈的东西,奢侈到要用很深的寒冷和疼痛才能出现。
It's not only the goodbye that hurts ,but also the flashback that follows.让人心痛的不是离别,而是离别后的回忆。
Being someone's first love maybe great ,but to be the last is byond perfect.成为别人的初恋固然好,但更好的是成为他们最终的爱人。
A said thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you ,only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just hvae to let go .生命中令人悲伤的一件事是你遇到了一个对你很重要的人,但最终发现你们有缘无分,因此你不得不放弃。
From now on,i will expect nothing ,and just take what i get .从现在起,我将不再期待,只珍惜我所拥有的。
No matter the ending is perfect or not ,you cannot disappear from my world.我的世界不允许你消失,不管结局是否完美。
You are not really happy,your happiness is just your camouflage.你不是真正的快乐,你的快乐只是你的保护色。
Shurt out all of your past except that which will help you weather your tomorrows.放下那些不能帮助你前行的过去。
What is courage?Is it making you love me with tears or letting you go with tears?勇气是什么?是哭着要你爱我,还是哭着要你离开? 本文来自我爱短文学网 wWw.52Dwx.cOm
最喜欢I love you for my life past.AND Sometimes there is no way out exlept to say goodbye.
You may not know. When you feel sad. My tears flood in.
Your heart is too crowded but is no more room for me
Have not much, importance, are no longer care.
Don't try to wait after all no one can save a rotten heart
Don't wake up to the body can not prolapse is the soul.
Quartier des fleurs, à Face résiduelle rire, rire les gens du commun .
Você chorou muito triste, eu ri muito artificial
J'ai été trop faible, préférant garder toutes les erreurs sont enterrées
Belle mélodie, en fait, est le c?ur derrière
Trop souvent, l'illusion de confondre nos yeux
Toujours utiliser le texte,www.doershow.com l'interprétation de la douleur
Avec tout le courage de mettre en place le plus brillant sourire.
Greif sous le soleil, qui peut lire?
Perguntou-me forte, eu posso ter no overexert
Do not touch the world's warm, feel his own happiness, in short hide his grief.
Forget, I admit that I eventually forget you deadly commitment.
Forgive my soul, I worry about slow can't find my world.
Dazzling white, let me understand what is pure damage.
I called the love is a man that belong to your pain scored.
Gradually fade out the E life let you, a person lead.
You all do not stay, I again why a self-deception again.
I finally know, I every minute of every second is a person.
The rain has stopped, but the heart still drop by drop down, that is the thoughts of you.
The dark corner, only belong to me, no one disturb, no one company, only the lonely winding.
I indulge themselves again and again, and the end, I a person nephew coriolano.
Gorgeous ré-écriture, dit qu'elle n'est pas propre
再华丽的文字 、也说服不了自己
Souri, pleuré, offrir à votre amour non expression
Cada mulher tem em alguns casos n?o pode acompanhar a história de
Même si chacun de ces derniers à être vieux les jeunes.
Há muito tempo, ent?o o sorriso desapareceu por um longo tempo
Hugh est un non-tout, les larmes aux flux de la langue.
Ampulheta fluxo rápido demais, só porque um controlo apertado
(The so-called memory, but is never go back to the memory of the just.)
(Now we, read before, is a understand all of the old man. )
(Former us, look to the future, is a what all don't know baby. )
(I spent too much time to understand "some things can only run away" this truth.)
(To enter the time between, I learned how to use a bystander attitude to explain everything.)
(Love it, and to realize the truth all subversive.)
(What effort, what efforts and achievements of return is equal, in love all or nothing.)
(All I can think of mind of beautiful met, all in this summer performance.)
(Cicadas chirp, spin it for a whole century.)
A mirage, insubstantial objects like your words to bugaoerbie is my miss
Accidentally we four eye But I can't see your heart
Free there only to find everyone yearns for new refuge.
You may not know. When you feel disappointed. I figure but also lonely
Don't for a floating people to abandoned the fight.
Don't for a moment of extreme and lost another romantic encounter
Is not there is not. I love the person but not in.
Not willing to remember all.only a pair of hollow eyes.